Interview with Jorja Fox of CSI Las Vegas & producer of documentary “How I Became an Elephant” 09/05/2012  It was a pleasure sitting down with Jorja Fox on a park bench on a quiet Wall Street in Kingston on Labor Day to interview her about the new documentary she produced called “How I Became an Elephant.” The documentary was one of the films screened in the first Kingston NY Film Festival. Jorja Fox is a vegetarian so I wanted to know where she dined. Which Hudson Valley restaurants offer good vegetarian cuisine? Does she visit the Hudson Valley often? “Wow! A gazillion places to eat which is so nice while you’re on vacation. I never had a car when I lived in NYC so this area is mostly a mystery to me.  I came to the first Woodstock reunion, back in the 1990s so I knew I was in the general area, but I couldn’t tell you exactly where I was (laughs)  I just got on the bus at Port Authority. Because of Astrid, we had a mutual friend in California, who invited me to come. For very strict vegetarian there is theGarden Café in Woodstock which is amazing,” says Jorja Fox. [full story]