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From Voice Of America
June 15, 2015 2:54 PM
Faiza Elmasry

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Two years ago, when Maryland schoolgirl Miriam Gardsbane turned nine, her aunt — who lives in Kenya — ‘adopted’ an elephant in her name as a birthday gift. Miriam and her mother visited Africa to see how that donation was helping to support elephants, and Miriam fell in love with the animals.

A few months later, she watched How I Became an Elephant, a documentary about the mistreatment of elephants in Thailand, and a young girl’s campaign to save them. Miriam was inspired to launch her own effort to raise awareness and money to save elephants. According to the documentary, produced by Tim Gorski, elephants in Thailand are systematically tortured.

“Elephants go there in a system we call it ‘crushing’ because it’s supposed to crush their soul,” Miriam explained. “They take the baby elephant; they put it in this very small cage.

“They don’t give it food or water for a lot of days and like beat it with nails and hooks and they [elephants] are really struggling, trying to get out. They don’t let them. Some elephants just collapse. And when they stop struggling that means its soul is crushed,” she explained.