Juliette Speaks – at Boston U.

Juliette West, a freshman in CAS, is an avid animal activist and has been since age nine. After contributing to a campaign to rescue an elephant from a zoo, she was approached by a director and asked to travel to Thailand and film a documentary about an elephant sanctuary. At age fourteen, Juliette discovered her […]

Juliette West Is On A New Quest And Needs Your Support

Hello, Juliette is back, and she’s busy stamping out ivory poaching in Africa through peer to peer education and outreach with her Sega Girls project. Her latest project is 46% funded with just a few weeks to go. This is a great opportunity to contribute to grassroots activism with African youth. Pitch in, gang. “It […]

How I Became An Elephant – Napa Valley Film Festival Special School Screening

Student filmmakers invited to participate in film festival Students are invited to showcase their own films, as well as to meet and talk with filmmakers, at the upcoming Napa Valley Film Festival Nov. 7-11. The films selected for special school screenings include “How I Became an Elephant,” the story of Juliette West, who at 14 […]

How Will You Celebrate Elephant Awareness Day?

While August 3, 2012 was the official first annual Elephant Awareness Day, it’s not too late to honor the magnificent elephant by becoming more aware of the horrors they still face everyday at the hands of humans. By Shawna Burreson August 4, 2012 When one attends the circus, the elephant in the room is, well, the […]

Care 2 – Juliette’s Top 10 Ways to Help Elephants

Care 2 Juliettes Top 10 Ways to Help Elephants Whether or not you live in Los Angeles, there are many ways you can help raise awareness of captive elephant welfare and mistreatment: Top 10 Ways You Can Help Originally published on JulietteSpeaks.org 1. Get out there and learn all you can! Read up on the internet. […]