Film Crew

Bio Photo Jorja Fox


Executive Producer

Jorja Fox has become a familiar face by playing major roles in three of the most successful television dramas in history: “ER” (1994), “The West Wing” (1999) and “CSI: Crime Scene Investigation” (2000) where she portrayed one of the crime scene investigators until 2008. Fox shared in CSI’s 2005 Screen Actors Guild award for outstanding performance by an ensemble in a drama series. In addition to her TV and movie roles, Fox is the co-founder of an experimental stage theater production company called “Honeypot Productions”. Fox is also a musician and songwriter. She wrote and performed the song “Lullabye” which was featured in the movie Traveling Companion (1998). – Jorja is a dedicated vegetarian and wildlife advocate. She has been a supporter and contributor to Rattle the Cage Productions for 2 years.

Bio Photo Timothy Gorski


Director / Producer

Tim Gorski is Director and Producer for Rattle the Cage Productions, a Florida 501(c)(3) nonprofit and Texas based Dandelion Project. He writes, directs and produces award winning stories. Tim’s first film Lolita: Slave To Entertainment received 9 Best Documentary awards, and 2 Best Investigative Reporting award in 43 festivals. Gorski was field-producer and lead cinematographer on At the Edge of the World, a cinema verite documentary following the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society in pursuit of the Japanese whaling fleet in Antarctica. At the Edge of the World was an official selection of the 2008 Toronto Film Festival, received Best Cinematography at Woodstock. Gorski is also an animal rescue specialist and undercover investigator of wildlife crimes. He has worked and filmed in the US, South America, Australia, Antarctica, India, Burma, Cambodia, Indonesia, Nepal, Taiwan, and Thailand.

Bio Photos Synthian Sharp



Synthian Sharp, is an activism renaissance. As a screenwriter, filmmaker, author, and the lead singer for the activist rock band, Exit Ophelia, he has proudly contributed footage and music to projects for, PeTA, HSUS, Students for a Free Tibet, Greenpeace, ARME, and Artivist, including the films, American Meth, Skin Trade,  Life, Believe, and Shaun Monson’s upcoming film: Earthlings 2 “UNITY”.




Bio Photo Emily Deschanel


Associate Producer

Star of Fox’s “Bones” and featured in The Perfect FamilySpider-man 2, Glory Road and The Alamo.

Emily is an extremely compassionate individual and often uses her powers of persuasion to introduce animal issues into the “Bones” series.

“I truly believe in the power of documentaries and education. Rattle the Cage explores and addresses the roots of animal abuse and needless suffering.”

Deschanel is a vegan and a committed supporter of animal rights causes. She can be seen in an Access Hollywood video at the book launch event of Karen Dawn’s Thanking the Monkey: Rethinking the Way We Treat Animals, discussing how vegetarian and vegan diets help the environment, and a video on the homepage of the book’s website talking about the importance of animal rights.[5] She attended Harvard-Westlake and Crossroads in Los Angeles[6] before graduating from Boston University’s Professional Actors Training Program with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Theater.



Bio Photo Cody Westheimer



Cody Westheimer is a magna cum laude graduate of the music composition program at USC’s Thornton School of Music. Cody’s gift for thematic writing and creative instrument choices has made him a highly sought composer for both studio and independent projects. His haunting theme was featured in Neil Labute’s trailer for “The Wicker Man” and his overture for “The Golden Compass Game” was nominated by the Game Audio Network Guild for “track of the year.” In addition to music, Cody Westheimer has enjoyed other facets of film. In 2008 he directed and edited his documentary film, “Running for my Father,” which went on to win the Platium Remi, the highest honor at Houston WorldFest. His exposure to editing and storytelling from “the other side” of filmmaking has only heightened his already sharp dramatic sense, what he refers to as “the x-factor” in a composer – not just the ability to bring emotion to an individual scene, but to sculpt the music arc along with the story in a broader sense.

Bio Photo Jonathan David Kane


Director of Photography

Jonathan David Kane is a Miami native, Renaissance-man filmmaker who aims to create positive change through his art. He has been actively working on music videos, commercials, and feature films in the South Florida film industry for nearly a decade. In 2007, Kane was a cinematographer on the film At the Edge of the World, filmed in Antarctica. While working on the film, he was introduced to Timothy Gorski, and so began their working relationship. At the Edge of the World premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival and received the best documentary award at the Monaco Film Festival.  Kane and Gorski received the Haskell Wexler award for cinematography at the Woodstock Film Festival as well as the grand jury prize for cinematography at the Atlanta Film Festival.

Kane’s career took him again to the other side of the world with his work on The Dandelion Project’s adventure travel series It’s Your World, spotlighting the increasingly popular concept of volun-tourism. The show’s pilot episodes where filmed in Nepal, Thailand, and Burma. As director of photography of the project, Kane again paired with Gorski, the director. While in South East Asia, the two filmmakers began shooting R & D footage with Lek. The Elephant Lady marks the third collaboration effort between the two.

Bio Photo Alec Pedersen



Alec has contributed to such groundbreaking documentary films as UNITY – Shaun Monson’s epic second chapter in the EARTHLINGS trilogy which is coming to US theaters in the summer of 2013.

Alec’s undercover film work with Louie Psihoyos, Charles Hambleton, and other Oceanic Preservation Society team members exposed a popular Santa Monica, CA restaurant that was serving endangered sei whale, horsemeat, and blowfish. This sting operation resulted in a federal grand jury indictment to the restaurant and two of its sushi chefs with fines of up to $1.2 million and up to 67 years in prison. It is illegal to sell any kind of whale meat in the U.S.

Alec Pedersen lives in Los Angeles and owns a successful financial planning practice in Beverly Hills. Among his other duties in the field of animal conservation, Alec is proudly serving as the CFO on “How I Became an Elephant.”