I watched it (How I Became An Elephant) with my kids. My 9 year-old daughter cried during most of the movie. I feel relatively confident that she learned a great deal about the ugly world of animal exploitation and will never again ask to attend a circus. I told her now that she is armed with this knowledge she can educate her friends and teachers about what goes on behind the tightly closed the doors of those entertainment and tourist industries. My 17 year-old son, who has a huge compassion for animals, used words that aren’t appropriately uttered in mixed company to describe the people perpetrating the heinous acts upon those poor elephants portrayed in your film.

I felt the movie was extremely well done, both informative and entertaining – the extent such a topic can be entertaining. It had a good flow and I found it very educational. Tim’s accolades are very well deserved. I was completely blown away by the initiative and tenacity of the young girl in the movie. I realize she didn’t do it all on her own, but for a person as young as she to formulate the concept and put her plan into motion is QUITE impressive – even more so after viewing my son’s end of semester grades – I’m not sure she and he can possibly be the same species of animal! But I digress… -Anonymous Mother

This was incredible. An amazing, world-changing film. Beautifully done. Michael and I have done a few documentaries so I have a feeling for how much went into it. Love the beginning, the contrast between the circus-like hoard and the young people going in to see the film. And I am in love with Lek – now she is the real deal. Her honestly, integrity, focus, love shines like a beacon. She is who the movement can be, and in some cases still is. I feel my challenge is to find the Leks who still inhabit this world and hellp them.

And thank goodness for young Juliette who is so fresh and so articulate and loving, and who will carry the message to her peers and elders. I will do all I can to let everyone know and go. I am assuming all schools will be notified? I can imagine teachers making the viewing of the film part of homework. This can inspire an army. Thank you for letting me see it.

Esther Mechler – President and Founder, Marian’s Dream


Congratulations for your part in raising awareness to the point that Los Angeles would set aside a day to recognize elephants. Julliete is now just 16 and has an entire career ahead of her. She will eventually be famous like Jane Goodall. HIBE is her stepping stone to worldwide recognition. She deserves all the recognition that she has and will receive.


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The following video was inspired by How I Became An Elephant. Thanks Samantha.

To: Juliette West


Your movie was great. I saw it at La Femme Fest in LA recently. It was very inspiring and painful to watch. It inspired me to make my own infographics piece to bring attention to the issues. Check it out: