Tim Gorski Radio Interview – More tourists killed riding elephants in Thailand

Listen to the Radio Interview with Director Tim Gorski Every year at least one tourist is killed by a disgruntled elephant in the tourist trekking industry in Thailand. This February a Scottish tourist was gored to death in front of his daughter while on an elephant safari trek in Koh Samui Island. Gareth Crowe had no idea that […]

How I Became An Elephant Inspires Nine Year Old Activist – VOA News

Voice Of America – Clay Elephants Help Save Real Elephant From Voice Of America June 15, 2015 2:54 PM Faiza Elmasry Two years ago, when Maryland schoolgirl Miriam Gardsbane turned nine, her aunt — who lives in Kenya — ‘adopted’ an elephant in her name as a birthday gift. Miriam and her mother visited Africa […]

Elephant Freedom – Lek’s latest success in her quest to return captive elephants to the wild.

For those of you you said “It cannot be done,” here’s the real poop, I mean scoop. Elephants have never been fully domesticated as dogs and cats. They can be released to the jungle under the correct circumstances and supervision, provided there is still habitat enough to support them. This is an iconic step forward […]